Foxmoulder​/​Eaglehaslanded Split 12"

by Foxmoulder

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Split 12" with Eaglehaslanded (Saint Petersburg, Russia / Belgrade, Serbia)

12" (black vinyl; sleeves in white on navy, black on red or red on white hand-screened cardstock) available August 2015 on:

Zegema Beach Records (Canada)
Désordre Ordonné (Canada)
Koepfen (Germany)
Krimskramz (Germany)
Mosh Potatoes (Belgium)
Boslevan Records (UK)
TRVS Records (Russia)
Don't Live Like Me Records (USA)
0331records (Romania)


released August 22, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Paul Mack at Soybomb HQ on April 14/15
Mastered by Adam Goodwin




foxmoulder Toronto, Ontario

Foxmoulder is Darren, Em, Rohan & Travis

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Track Name: Tempered Ill
I will become silence made flesh
and wither on the vine.
All too few truths were asked of you
where are we?
Where did our home go?
Rise and fall,
Like waves that long for the shore.
Wither and die,
Likes lovers never meant for each other.
I don't want this.
Track Name: Needless/Anxious
Shake the bough,
Set me free.
Shake the bough,
Carve the truth
Straight into me.
This silence,
Burned into my chest,
How it comforted you
How it destroyed all of me.
Have we reached the age,
Where we're more than just scars?
Another kiss, long forgotten.
So is this your home you fight for? Or just another place to hide?
Track Name: Antrim
Dear sky today I saw your bones,
Found the the mantle to hew and gnaw.
Found them hollow and savourless forms.
Make me flesh, God can't bless.
But as the stars are just the failing of light, I sat and watched the day die.
Where Antrim met sky.
I felt alone,
Where Antrim met sky.
Track Name: Shame
I held onto nothing,
Because it always kept me safe.
So I buried myself,
With fear and guilt.
Straight washed shame,
I buried myself.
Scratch and tear at your wounds,
Scratch and tear to rebuild.
Scratch and tear at the albatross around my neck.
This shame ends here,
My gender, my body, my home.
This shame ends here.
Track Name: Increments
Always so fearful of what
My heart was supposed to mean.
What my touch meant.
Sharing only sides that minimize my shame.
Is it lust for sadness,
That keeps me crawling,
On broken hands and knees?